Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

How can I stop pregnancy after sex?

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According to las vegas independant escorts, An unwanted pregnancy is the biggest stress in a woman’s life, especially when she does not want to have kids forever.

There are some cases where women get pregnant after having sex even though they have used proper protection and birth control both, this is because escorts say that no protection or birth control is 100% effective thus there are slight chances that if you have sexual activities in your fertile days, you can get pregnant.

Escort recommend abortion as the best option to stop pregnancy after sex and other several methods to make sure you will not get any egg fertilized by sperm.

There are some ebony escorts vegas recommended methods of abortion to ensure you do not get any complicated situation due to some failure of birth control options you used.

These are:-

  • Combined pills:- according to escorts, combined pills are the best option to avoid pregnancy after sex as it has a 99% success rate in avoiding pregnancies without affecting your periods and fertility level. You take pills for 21 consecutive days with a 7-day gap in between. This method works well and these pills are available in different doses and brands , to choose what suits you.
  • Diaphragm:- las vegas escorts independent recommend diaphragm as these are an effective way of avoiding pregnancy as it is inserted inside the vagina and it stops sperm from fusing into the egg and have a jelly or foam on it which kills the sperm of men.

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